10 Simple Hacks Every Homeowner Should Know

1. Hide your thermostat behind a framed painting to get rid of a common eyesore.

Via thethirdboob.com

2. Use Wine Racks as Towel Racks

Via Pinterest

3. Use Shoe Organizer to Organize other Items

Via Pinterest

4. Use a couple of coat rack hooks to hang your ironing board out of sight.

5. Need to hide a key? Stick it in an empty bottle for pills, turn it over and glue a pinecone to the bottom. Then bury it so only the pinecone shows.

Via Factory Direct Craft

6. Hide your internet modem (or other shelved eyesores) by creating a bookcase cover compartment.

Via DIY Real

7. Use ice cubes to reconstitute the dented areas of your carpet. Here’s how.

Via Coldwell Banker

8. Use a squeegee to clean up pet hair from your carpet. It literally works like magic.

Via Barnorama.com

9. Use Shower Hooks to Hang Up Your Jeans.

Via Pinterest

10. Use Paper Organizers to Store Sandals and Slippers.

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